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Happy Hour: Tattoo Flasks

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[$29, Etsy]

So you wanna be a badass, eh? Who doesn’t! Everyone swoons over the bad boy. Who can resist the full sleeve, that pompadour, the cigarette pack rolled in the shirt sleeve, and the drunken swagger from too many swigs of the flask. And the bad girls with their piercings and chest pieces? Hubba hubba!

Let your flask be a continuation of your badass-itude with these hip tattoo flasks.

If you’re not ballsy enough to commit to a Petunia tattoo just yet, at least this Naked Mermaid flask can make up for all the man that you are not.


[$30, Etsy]

This ironic suede covered flask has just the right amount of tongue-in-cheekness to allure interested parties.


[$25, Etsy]

You know you’re bad news when you’re drinking out of a letterpressed moonshine flask. At this point, the person hanging off your arm knows he/she made a wonderful mistake going home with you.

[via Retro to Go]