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Happy Hour: The Den

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I’m counting the days until this weekend, when we’re going to Oakland’s Fox Theatre to see the Magentic Fields — one of my favorite bands of all time and generally a pretty perfect show for a hot date. So, in absolute anticipation, we paid a visit to the bar at The Fox this past weekend. It’s called The Den, and it’s definitely one of Oakland’s best spots to see and be seen.

The bar itself is full of beautiful people, delicious cocktails, and highly stylized art deco aesthetics. It’s the kind of place where you dress up to buy a drink, then hope that you don’t spill it all over the plush furniture. Needless to say, the drinks are like gourmet meals unto themselves, with clever titles and bartenders who could mix a perfect martini blindfolded.

So what to order in such posh surroundings, with my date buying drinks and my favorite pair of heels on? The Mr. T, of course. The name might not scream sophistication (though in some circles, I suppose B.A. Baracus is pretty classy), but having one of these cocktails in hand will most definitely make you feel like the center of attention. Here’s the magical recipe:

The Mr. T.
• 2 shots Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
• splash of blood orange juice
• splash of pomegranate
• splash of ginger ale
• lime garnish

If you’re looking to have a memorable night indoors, you truly can’t beat a batch of Mr. Ts and a copy of the Magnetic Fields’ new album. Pure perfection.

[$14, Nonesuch Records]

[$19, Witty’s]