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Happy Hour: The Hottest Toddy Around

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I’ve noticed, it’s hard to have someone over for drinks and kick game while my room is around 50 degrees. But no, I refused to turn the heat up before November. Refuse, I say!

Although whiskey warms you up on the inside, a warmer drink may prove more suitable for this chilly weather. And there are so many to choose from: Irish Coffees, Hot Buttered Rum, and — of course — Hot Toddys.

The best part about a Hot Toddy, which is tea and alcohol (I’ve had ones with whiskey, some with rum, and sometimes brandy), is that it can even be a beneficial to your health. Sure, you’re drinking booze, but you’re also drinking tea.

Put a twist on that Hot Toddy with this Green Tea Toddy recipe, containing green tea, ginger, and citrus.

This may be my only saving grace for being a cheapskate that doesn’t want to pay┬áthe gas company┬áso early in the year.

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