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Happy Hour: The Revolution

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There are a couple of things that I require before a bar becomes my new haunt: 1) it’s got to have good beer on tap, 2) it’s got to have a nice vibe with hip, friendly clientele and minimal douchebaggery, and 3) it’s got to have a patio. I don’t care if it’s freezing outside (well, in California, that really just means below 70 degrees) — I’ll be damned if I won’t spend my happy hours sipping tasty beer outside with my friends.

Which is exactly what we did a few days ago.

It wasn’t quite springtime, the fog from SF was rolling in, and I’d forgotten my jacket, but a group of us were determined to check out Beer Revolution: a new beer garden/bar that just opened right near our studio space. Number one draw? The freshly-decked patio and hand-crafted tables and benches. Number two? A dozen rare beers on tap, plus fridges full of fancy bottles. As one of our drinking buddies noted, "If the revolution means a sun deck and Chimay, sign me up."

Needless to say, happy hour soon turned into closing time, and we’d sampled pretty much everything on tap, as well as a good selection of bottled brews. The lesson? Fancy beer will change your life. Or at least your Friday night.