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Happy Hour: Trappist Titillation

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There are a few things that have to be in place if I’m going to fall in love with a bar: 1) a wide range of beer on tap, 2) tasty snacks to keep me fortified while I get my drink on, and 3) a smokin’ happy hour. Cafe Biere has all three, and I’m absolutely smitten.

This little beer garden features over 30 draft beers, including a vast selection of Trappist ales — a serious new addiction of mine. Trappist ale comes in lots of different varietals, but all of it is dark and strong, not to mention made by monks who I’m pretty sure spend their lives learning to make delicious beer.

My current favorite thing to do come happy hour is sip a Westmalle Trippel on Cafe Biere’s patio. It’s hard to find online, but a good runner-up is Rochefort 8, which is readily available.

Besides, I think I read somewhere that you’re obligated to try beer made by monks at least once.

[$5.50, BevMo]