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Happy Hour: Vermouth or Dare

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It’s finally the weekend, there’s a heat wave out here on the West Coast, and I’ve seriously got cocktails on the brain. And you know all those theories about what your cocktail order says about who you are? Well, I’ve got a cocktail that’s so ragingly sexy, you might just have the bartender sitting in your lap by the end of the night:

First things first, it’s all about the vermouth. And while I’m a big believer in the Churchill style of martini making (except instead of just looking at the bottle of vermouth, I scrunch up my nose at it), I had a cocktail last night that redefined everything I thought I knew about it. The whole drink was based on Noilly Prat:


[$9, BevMo]

This French vermouth is made with the “original recipe,” meaning it’s meant to be drunk on its own, or combined with lighter mixers. And this was the cocktail that blew my mind:

The Noilly Kiss
• 2 shots Noilly Prat dry vermouth
• 1 shot gin
• 1 shot pineapple juice
• splash of pomegranate syrup
• grapefruit zest

Pour ingredients into a shaker, shake, then double-strain into a coupette.

It was totally dry, but a little bit fruity — ie the absolute perfect marriage of savory martini and sweet cocktail. Trust me, one sip of The Noilly Kiss and you’ll set a delicious, seductive tone for your whole weekend.