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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

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Have you ever noticed that birthday parties are the perfect place to meet a new special somebody? My man’s birthday was this past week, and in honor of his annual "beerthday," I threw a surprise bash at a beer garden that just opened nearby. It was an awesome night — full of friends, food, and a whole lot of beer. But what struck me about the whole evening was how many strangers from our various groups of friends started chatting… and kept talking… and yes, even (in some cases) ended up leaving together.

So if birthdays are the new undiscovered frontier of finding your next hot date, then my advice would be to make very, very sure that you get yourself noticed.

Furthermore, I’m pretty positive that this would do the trick:

The Cakewich cake pan: for when you want to make someone a birthday cake and make sure everyone notices (and appreciates) it. I’ve got to say, I desperately wish I’d known about this before my man’s big day. A cake shaped like a sandwich might have handily disguised the fact that I can’t bake worth a damn.

So pan up, and your future birthday wish might actually come true.

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