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Have Your Man Buy You a Palace

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Every girl would love to be whisked away by a charming gentleman to some beautiful, far off land to live lavishly in a mansion on a diet of fine cuisine and wine.

Alas,  here you are in your cramped apartment eating TV dinners and drinking PBR.

If you can’t actually get that palace in Dubai, maybe you can settle for a mini version to wear as a ring.

L’origine des bagues Architecture are a series of rings featuring extravagant homes, palaces, mansions, and buildings from all over the world. The rings were created using Google Earth.


When your girlfriends are showing off their fancy engagement rings, tell them your boyfriend bought you a mansion when you flash this gold rock.


However, if your man can afford one of these rings, he can probably afford an actual palace too.


[$11,651, Tournaire]


[via The Awesomer]