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Hayley on Bows, Belts, and Little Black Dresses

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Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I’m a custom framer with a BA in Literature from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, a tiny school that nobody’s ever heard of.
What do you think is the sexiest thing you’re wearing right now?
I think the belt. I wear it a lot because it can transform something pretty bland into something more interesting. Versatility is definitely an element of sexiness when it comes to accessories. A lot of my belts and other little additions I use to completely change up my outfit – different patterned tights, cute shoes. I have a lot of shoes, but I think the ones I’m wearing now are my favorite. I can wear them for days and they never hurt me. 
Is there any particular designer right now that is making clothes that you think are particularly attractive?
Eh, not really. It’s not that I don’t like specific designers, it’s just more about the way a person wears something rather than who made it. I think confidence on a person has a more direct relation to their sex appeal than whatever it is they actually have on. For instance, where I work, everyone has to wear basically the same thing, but it’s the way a person carries himself in that one outfit – or whatever way they make it their own – that really shows a lot about him.  
What would you wear if you’re going to a bar, and you know the guy you’re into is going to be there?
Definitely something comfortable. The last thing I would want in that situation is to constantly be worried about adjusting my outfit. For certain situations like this I can actually spend weeks planning what I’m going to wear. If didn’t have a lot of time, I would probably throw on this Banana Republic black dress I have.  It’s my default – made of a double layer of sheer fabric that serves as an excellent blank slate. it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how I accessorize.
Is there anything in the fashion world going on right now that you love?
I’m really into bows. Hair bows, bows on shoes, dresses, anything really. You have to be careful not to go overboard obviously, but I really love them. I think they tie in with a trend of delicate, feminine details that I’ve seen going on this season and really appreciate. 
You seem to have a pretty unique fashion sense. Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration often comes from looking at others with a very unique style. There’s this blog I read called Niotillfem kept by this Swedish girl named Sandra. She just posts about her life, her style, and her friends, but she takes really great pictures. Her style is so particular to her that a lot of her readers will be out and about all over the world, see something that reminds them of her, snap a pic, and share it.
What’s the strangest experience you’ve had with your own tools of attraction?
There was this one time when I went to see an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a while, and I showed up pretty much wearing the same thing he was. We both had on a buffalo plaid shirt,  he was wearing brown pants, and I was wearing  a brown skirt. Wearing the exact same thing is always kind of awkward. Like I said before though, it’s all about how you wear something, so it turned out OK.
Any advice for those looking to feel a little sexier stylewise?
If you see something you want to wear, wear it. Don’t worry about it being too much or too flashy or whatever. If you like it, why not keep it close to you all day? It’ll make you happier.