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Hearing the Sounds of Love (Discreetly)

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During your morning commute, it’s normal to pass by loads of other beautiful commuters.

It’s also normal to keep your iPod earbuds in and not say anything to these subway sirens. And sorry to say, but keeping your headphones in your ear as you’re bopping away to New Order isn’t really a call to action.

The only way someone would even think to interrupt your music listening experience is if they really wanted to tell you something. For example, they may want to tell you that they really love your Thomas Pink tie with an iPod Nano holder.

A seemingly normal tie, the back of this tie has a little pouch to rest your iPod Nano in.

Since it’s kind of awkward to ask you what you’re listening to, this tie gives them plenty of opportunity to tap you on the shoulder and say, “Hey, cool tie.”

Out from Thomas Pink later this fall.

[via Selectism]