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Herbal Aromatherapy of the Weed Variety

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Sniff, sniff. “What’s that smell? Is it . . . a joint with hints of sandlewood, fig, pepper, and citrus?”

No, it’s just Malin+Goetz’s Cannabis Candle. Perfect for rolling the edge off that first date.

As described by Malin+Goetz, “Sexy green cannabis and spicy extracts blend for their uplifting intoxication and general aphrodisia.” Although this doesn’t actually get you high, they do say that it’s “mood altering”. However, don’t let the candle burn for more than two to three hours since the sweet smell of grass will permeate the area.

After all, you don’t want the neighbors calling the cops on you for suspected drug use AND all the noise coming out of your bedroom.

[$48, Amazon]

[via Selectism]