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Hidigunn on Victoria Beckham, bebe, and Pet Snakes

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Hildigunn on the '80s, skinny jeans, Bebe and Norway

What are you wearing?
These are bebe skinny pants; I don’t even know where I got this shirt, but I like it because it has the lace thing in the back. And I got the shoes in Norway, where I’m from.

What’s a fashion trend that you’re into right now?

I really like the mix of the ’80s coming back with the skinny jeans and the high-waisted jeans that are coming in. And I’m a big fan of dresses, the more bulbous dresses and skirts that are out there now.

What’s something that makes you cringe?
Probably parachute pants. But I’m pretty open.

Is there something that a guy could wear that would keep you from hitting on him?
I don’t know. I’m a little old fashioned in the sense that I think a guy should look like a guy. I like suits, and I like tailored things, and structured things, and narrow fit blazers; but also low v-necks turn me on. Just not things that look too feminine or too skinny. Also I’m a big girl, so I like a tall guy.

If you want to go out and pick someone up, what would you wear?
Probably a short skirt and a funky top, or a short dress. Either leg or cleavage, not both.

If you went home with someone and you’re at a guy’s apartment, what’s something that would make you bolt?
Stuffed animals. Pet snakes. If it’s too dirty that’s a complete turn off.

What’s something that would make you want to stay?
A sense of style, or someone that looks like he’s put some thought into the way he lives and has created a comfortable, nice home for himself that’s not just thrown together. I like someone that looks like he has his life together.

Who’s your style icon?
I love Victoria Beckham. I think Gwen Stefani is wonderful. Those are probably the top two; a mix of those – the edginess of Gwen with the structure of Victoria.