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Hillary on Gwen Stefani, Urban Outfitters, and the Importance of Wearing Pants

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Hillary for's style blog

Where are you from?
Texas, but I live in Brooklyn.

What are you wearing?
A v-neck t-shirt I cut off because it was ridiculously long and stupid; Levi jean shorts. The shoes are from Urban Outfitters, which were like sixty dollars but I got them for fifteen. I got the necklace at some random place in Texas a long time ago, but I wear it pretty much every day. And this hat I got from my friend’s house.

What’s the style like in Brooklyn?
Oh man, the hipsters.

Can you describe one?
I dunno, super tight pants. They just think they’re super original, but they’re not.

What’s one hipster trend that you see all the time that you hate?
I hate when girls wear tights – they are obviously not pants! – but they wear them with the short shirts.

So, if I was wearing a sideways cap and a flannel shirt…?
You probably wouldn’t talk to me [laughs]. I don’t really judge people on the way they dress, but on the way they act. When I say hipsters, I mean the ones who act like they’re too cool for school and they’re really not. They just seem really pissed off all the time.

What’s something that you see a lot of that you do like?
I like it when I see people smiling and they dress in unique ways with a more carefree style. I like the whole ’70s, bohemian look – real vintage, real ’70s, free, flower child. They’re just happy people, they don’t care.

If you were thinking about picking someone up or talking to them, what’s something that if you saw them wearing you’d just change your mind?
Cargo pants. Any kind of jersey.

What would make you go up and talk to someone?
Something really colorful, inviting. You know how can tell sometimes by the way someone’s dressed if they’re going to be a laid-back person? That’s what I’m used to and it’s hard to find that around here. It’s hard for me to approach people here just because they seem so uptight, so put together.

If there’s one cultural icon you could say is the style king or queen, who would you pick?
I hate pop culture!

Well, any sort of culture. You can go back to the seventies.
Ok, Janis Joplin. Gwen Stefani’s still amazing though; her fashion sense is incredible. I’ll always love her because of that.