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Hold Hands Like a Pro

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Holding hands has been scientifically proven to increase your likelihood of getting laid. And while it may seem like a relatively simple gesture, the art of hand-holding is a tricky one. Among the holds that won’t even see you rounding first base: the clammy clencher, the He-Man grip, the finger fondler, and the cling of desperation.

To navigate such precarious territory, I highly recommend keeping your grippers at an ideal temperature at all times:


There’s no better way to do that than with this oh-so-handy (pun definitely intended) scarf with attached mittens. 100% wool means warmth without sweat, which is an important step towards the truly perfect hand-hold. And when you’re not feeling up the fingers of love, your hand-warmers will be ready and waiting.

[$127, FarFetch]

[via Incredible Things]