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Holiday Happy Hour: Absinthe Minded

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There’s nothing quite like absinthe to take your holiday worries away — it’s festive, it’s potent, and it’s (finally) readily available. And while there are many absinthe cocktails out there, I’d definitely recommend doing it up the traditional way. Not only will it be a fun focal point for the evening, it’ll also have you feeling festive in no time.

What you need:
• bottle of absinthe, preferably St. George or Lucid
• sugar cubes
• absinthe spoon or a small fork
• fancy tumblers or goblets

Traditional-style serving: chill the absinthe first, then set up your goblet with an absinthe spoon or fork balanced on top. Place one sugar cube on top of the utensil and slowly pour the absinthe over it. The sugar cube will melt while you pour, and it may turn the absinthe a milky green color — don’t worry, that’s normal! Sip and repeat.

Where you should mix it:
Preferably at home, in the early-ish evening with a bunch of friends. Enjoy the whole experience slowly, and you’ll be well-greased for a night of your favorite festivities.