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Holiday Happy Hour: Cranberry Martini

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Welcome to the week of Christmas. If you’re not drinking yet, you might want to consider starting now.

And to aid in this epic time of family drama, holiday horrors, and travel stress, we’ll be here for you all week long with the best and booziest of holiday cocktail recipes. First things first, the cranberry martini:

The schmancy party I went to last weekend featured this drink, but understand this: there is a big difference between a crantini and cranberry martini. This isn’t Sex in the City, after all.

What you need:
• two to three shots of vodka
• a shot of cranberry juice
• as much (or little) dry vermouth as you like
• squeeze of lime

Where you should mix it:
Preferably at your girlfriend’s parents’ house, where the cranberry martini’s cute pink color will charm her mom and its delicious efficiency will have everyone loud and loose in a matter of minutes.

Now that’s some holiday spirit we can all get behind.