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Holiday Happy Hour: The Slay-Bell

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Every day this week we’re bringing you the drinkiest of festive drinks with holiday happy hour posts, and today’s comes from ToA reader John. It sounds strong and it’s got a clever name, which basically means we’ve all got to hurry home and mix up a batch.

What you need:
• one shot of Grenadine
• about half a bottle of dry pear cider
• one shot of Midori
First pour the shot of Grenadine into a highball glass, then pour in the cider, and top it off with a floater of Midori. The result will be a sweet, fizzy, red and green delight.

Where you should mix it:
The Slay-Bell works best at an ironic holiday sweater party, though it could also kick off a post-holiday-event evening with friends. In other words, kitschy Christmas colors never tasted so good.

Thanks John!