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Hot and Heavy Under the Hood

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When it comes to tools of attraction, there isn’t much sexier than a girl who can hold her own in the automotive department. I realized this the hard way a few days ago when I offered to check the fluids in the car I share with my man, then failed to identify the location of anything beyond the oil stick. Completely foiled, I asked my guy for help, prefacing it with “While I know it would have been totally sexy if…” Thank god I didn’t offer to change a tire.

If’s be damned, ladies. Show your object of desire that you can handle your wheels with the best of them. All you need is this:


[$30, Safety Girl]

The Safety Girl car kit comes with everything you need (instructions for changing tires and charging batteries, safety light, first aid kit) and everything you probably don’t need (tampons, lip gloss, stain remover) to supplement your automotive savvy. Just think of the rewards that’ll come when you show off your know-how with that special somebody in the passenger seat…