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How Iceland’s Take on the Snuggie Will Get You a Date

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A while back, we told you about the Snuggie Pub Crawl — a multi-city event that celebrates all things fluffy, warm, and booze-fueled. Needless to say, we were a little skeptical as to whether such an event would actually find you a special new friend… or just leave with a nasty hangover and a dirty Snuggie. Well, now that Vik Prjonsdottir‘s new take on the Snuggie is here, we’re willing to admit that a blanket might actually get you a date.

With a huge variety of design and colors,

and a serious sense of humor about wearable blankets (including The Glacier — my personal favorite),

these new generation Snuggies are stylish enough to actually get you some action. That, and they’re from the same folks that brought us the Beard Cap, which is a whole attention-grabber of its very own.

[Vik Prjonsdottir]

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