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How the West Was Won

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New York Fashion Week is all over the place right now, and every year at about this time, I ask myself the same question: how does runway fashion translate to everyday (ie wearable) life? In other words, how can what I’m seeing on the catwalk actually make me look hotter? This year’s answer came in the form of Betsey Johnson’s 2010 collection, which was full of Old West sensibilities and all-around homages to the sexy saloon girl of yore.

Here are a few of my favorites:

So what can we learn from Betsey and her irresistible Western wear for the urban set? Sex appeal in four easy steps: 1) cinch the waist, 2) muss the hair, 3) think neutrals with a splash of color, and 4) show a little leg. You’ll have strangers buying you whiskey and sarsaparillas in no time.

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