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How To: Become A Perfect Gentleman

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I am officially dubbing 2010 the year of the gentleman, for two simple reasons: 1) the world would indeed be a better place if it had more gentlemen in it, and 2) you’re not about to snag the lady of your dreams without some gentlemanly help. Enter The Forgetful Gentleman, a website that’s all about turning mere men into completely irresistible gentlemen.

Start with the "Becoming a Gentleman" blog, then stock up on finely printed (and yes, very manly) notecards for wooing with maximum results, and finish off your shiny new persona with a gentleman’s Little Blue Book (way, way classier than the little black variety).

Who knows — you might be opening doors and pouring drinks for your very own Miss Awesome sooner than you think.

[The Forgetful Gentleman]

[via Cool Material]