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How To Deal with the Hair Down There

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The only two times I ever shave — down there — are when:

  • I have to wear a bathing suit, and my bikini line needs cleaning up, and
  • there’s a chance I might have sex with someone (new), with the lights on.

Because I’m a bit of a pussy, I’ve never considered waxing.

(For all of these reasons, my legs can get a little Sasquatch-like in the winter.)

I’ve never had any complaints (well, maybe one…), which means I’ve never felt compelled to change my ways. But then I read — in my latest issue of Glamour — that 79 percent of men prefer a bit of landscaping, and subsequent upkeep.

Is it possible that my pubes could ruin the moment?

Well. In much the same way that any prospective suitor is expected to put up with my mood swings (I forgot my Xanax!), my high-waisted panties, and the possibility that his penis might play a supporting role in my writing, if some guy doesn’t like my bush, he can take a hike for smoother pastures.

But if you’re willing to lug out the lawnmower, why not have a little fun with it?


[$14.99, Betty Beauty]

This Ready Betty kit includes a hair removal cream, stencils for styling your hair, scissors, and a finishing tool.

If the stencils sound a bit too whimsical to you, you could always just dye your pubes. I’m a fan of Voila Violet myself.