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How To: Super Bowl Seduction

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[$17, Urban Outfitters]

It’s nearly Big Game time, which means facing the ultimate Super Bowl dilemma: not which party you’ll be attending, but how you’ll snag a new friend (and maybe even a hot date) while the football drama plays out on TV. First things first, you’ve got to dress things up a little. Casual Sunday is great, but definitely try to forgo the fluorescent jersey and foam finger for something a little more, well, sophisticated. Take, for example, the jersey-inspired shirt up top, or classy vintage football tees for both sides:

[$30 – $38, via Cool Material]

Next up, don’t bring just any booze. Cheap and plentiful is the word on Super Bowl Sunday, but always go for something wallet-friendly that’s got aesthetics. In other words, Simpler Times before High Life:

[$3, Trader Joe’s]

Once you’ve got the booze covered, it’s time to think about snacks. Not only will your party host be grateful for something snazzier than chips and dip, bringing a home-cooked snack to the table will definitely get you noticed. Check out Bon Appetit’s top 24 Super Bowl Snacks (and yes, some of them are actually cook-able), or pick up a copy of the latest issue for snack recipes that’ll titillate more than just tastebuds.

The result? You’ll be a walking fashion machine spreading tasty beer and sexy snacks in your wake — now just don’t forget that watching the game isn’t the only way to score a touchdown or two.