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Identify Your Lover

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If you’re prone to confusing your lover for someone else (which is a lame excuse unless you’re dating twins), you may need a way to better identify them.

Maybe if their fingerprint was on you at all times you’d finally get the clue.

The fingerprint rings do just that. On the inside of the ring is an imprint of your boyfriend/girlfriend’s finger. The designer sends you an impression kit to make the imprint and send back. Then, through the lost-wax casting process, your lover’s fingerprint will be cast on the either the sterling silver or gold ring. 

This is meant to be a wedding band, and it’s probably one of the more unique ones out there. Your lover will definitely appreciate the personalized touch.

Though these are cool, I’m still partial to the Waveform wedding bands.

[$150, Etsy]

[via MAKE Magaine]