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If You Buy One Thing: A Bag Big Enough for Two

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Chic and sophisticated enough for both men and women — and big enough for both as well — the 2unfold by hard graft appears to be the only bag you’ll ever need.

Marketed as a “multi-use, muti-personality laptop bag,” the 2unfold transforms from an urban briefcase into a shoulder bag, safe case, rucksack, leather courier, canvas courier, leather clutch, and canvas clutch.



[$544, hard graft]

With that much room and versatility, forget the laptop. You could probably live out of the damn thing, being ready for one-night stands at a moment’s notice (and with a bag this hot, you’re certain to get propositioned pretty often)!

Just in case, here’s a packing list for your use:

  1. wallet, containing ID, cash, credit cards, etc.
  2. cell phone
  3. lip gloss/chap stick
  4. a pop-up travel brush with built-in compact mirror
  5. extra undies
  6. rolled-up pjs
  7. a multi-pack of condoms
  8. eh, why not throw in a vibrator as well…and some lube!
  9. toothbrush and/or breath mints
  10. a book for those few-and-far-between dull moments