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If You Buy One Thing: Artful Acrylic Seating

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If you’re going to splurge on just one thing for your pad, for the love of god, forget about the washer and the dryer and make it a statement piece, like the Chaise Tour Eiffel pictured above.

I just can’t stop staring at these dramatic acrylic pieces by Acrila, a contemporary furniture designer based in FranceĀ and, I have to be honest…if I saw one of these in your apartment, I’d probably sleep with you simply for your smashing good taste.

Several other favorites from the site:


There’s a contact page on the site so that you can get further information, but I can only assume that — since I don’t even have enough money to do my laundry this week — none of these chairs will ever grace the modest expanse of my living room.

I am, however, willing to remarry rich in order to make this happen. Call me!

[Via Design Milk]