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Impress Them with Indie Cred

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With indie rock becoming the new mainstream alternative rock, hipsters are everywhere. And boy do ladies/dudes love their hipsters.

But shopping at American Apparel and knowing who Vampire Weekend or whoever else Pitchfork touts as the next big thing won’t really boost your cred.

True indie cred lies with the music of days past. Nothing like a dude/chick that knows how to rock an ugly sweater and knows indie rock roots!

This collection for Insound 10 Classic —  “a visual narrative of 20 years (1977 – 1997) of punk, new wave, and indie rock” — was designed by Mike Perry.

The screenprinted posters above are hand-numbered and limited to 100 each. Sure to impress any indie rock fan, whether they know the band or not.*

[$30, Insound]


A sweet Magnetic Fields shirt. Make sure you have “Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits” playing as you walk by with this shirt on.

[$22, Insound]


And you can also get tote versions of all these designs! Here is a fantastic Sunny Day Real Estate one.

[$18, Insound]

*Sometimes people just like to pretend that they know bands. My friend recently met a girl at a party and they went back to his place. She was going through his records and acting super excited about whatever she came across. “Wow, Fugazi, Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine — what great records!” And then she came across his band’s album, which came out only two months ago, and she said, “Whoa, this is awesome! This is so old school!”



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