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Indulge in Your Cowboy Fantasy

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Steph has said it before, and I completely agree: there’s just something irresistible about a cowboy. In my own personal version of paradise, there are a bunch of Brokeback Mountain-type cowboys running around scantily clad, with lassos in hand, all led by Zachary Quinto as Spock. Twisted, I know. But completely hot.

If you want to snag your very own urban cowboy, the first step is to tap into the style. The new line of western-inspired boots from Anthropologie does just that, while making sure that you’re at your fashionista best:


[$328, Anthropologie]


[$238, Anthropologie]


[$298, Anthropologie]

I love these boots, then I love them some more after that. Slip on a pair, and you’ll capture the heart of every cowboy in the vicinity. And even if there aren’t too many actual cowboys in your vicinity, a splash of well-styled westernwear is an excellent way to say you’re ready for a good time.