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Inventory He’ll Lust After: Old World Body Products

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A man should smell like a man. The last thing a girl wants is someone that smells prettier than her. Male suitors should reek of firewood, pine, leather, whiskey. Portland General Store seeks to provide for that need. 

The kind of thing a young Marlon Brando would wear, their products are inspired by all scents associated with men and the old world. The Tabac wet shave jelly for example has the smokey spiciness of tobacco with citrus and lavender.

Portland General Store has everything you could need for your entire body:


[$9, Portland General Store]

Tweed underarm deodorant? Check.


[$20, Portland General Store

Whiskey after shave: perfect for those days when you’re not sweating Knob Creek through your pores.


[$10, Portland General Store] – wood super thick body cream

Super thick body cream. You want to be rough, but not scaly. Moisturize yourself!


[$25, Portland General Store]

And top it all off with this Palo Santo cologne. She won’t be able to keep her hands or nose off of you, which could get a lil’ awkward if all she’s doing is sniffing you.

[Portland General Store]

[via Uncrate]