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Inventory He/She’ll Lust After: D.S. & Durga Scents

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A person’s scent is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs; nothing really gets your blood pumping like a mate that smells nice. However, the key to using scent to attracting someone is diferentiation: you don’t want to wear the same mass-produced Polo or Armani scents as everyone else. Enter D.S. & Durga.

D.S. & Durga is a company (as well as an engaged couple) from New York that makes distinct perfumes and colognes in their very own apartment–each bottle hand produced–using their own distilled oils and ingredients procured from all over the world. As they describe it, these are “scents appropriate for modern people of discerning taste.” 

From light-bodied to full-boded scents, D.S. & Durga is bound to have something you’ll like. For men, there’s the Juniper, “a malty, sophisticated juniper with warm notes of berry, pine, & maple” that is “reminiscent of northern woods & lonely desert hillocks.” For women, try the Siberian Snow, a “rare, narcotic floral” supported by sweet herbs.” 

Each male fragrance is 1.3 oz and $85. Female fragrances are .67 oz and $75. Time to add this to my birthday wishlist.

[D.S. & Durga]

[via Refinery 29]