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Inventory She’ll Lust After: iPod Ponchos

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Sometimes when you meet a girl, her disheveled nature may be endearing. Then later when you get to know her, you realize that her messiness spills over into all aspects of her life.

Ladies, if you don’t want to give a heads up to your slovenly lifestyle from the get go as you’re reaching into bag to grab your cell phone to get that cute guy’s phone number, best not to struggle to get through the make up, breath mints, condoms, and headphone cord entanglement. Mr. Poncho iPod/iPhone covers will at least help you out with one aspect of your purse maintenance.

These covers are made from fabric adorning nice prints (like the cute owls above) and have a disc to wrap your earphones around so they don’t wrap around everything else in your purse! The cases are $18, but they also have custom cases for $35, which could be a great conversation starter!


And though I’m suggesting this as inventory she’ll lust after, I too have one of these for my IPhone. My friend was lucky enough to catch the Mr. Poncho guys at the Brooklyn Craft Fair and snagged me this sweet Zach Morris one for my birthday.


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