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Inventory She’ll Lust After: onestonenewyork

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Remember that time you bought your girlfriend a generic sterling silver necklace and she pretended to like it but really, deep down inside, she was wondering how you possibly could’ve thought it reflected her personal taste?

And…um…then you never saw her again?

Enter onestonenewyork, an Etsy jewelry shop that manages to mix classic looks with the fun of that geology class you took your freshman year of college, ending up with quirky pieces like this $55 mini geode necklace (that, by the way, I would never break up with you over).

Some other pieces you can feel free to woo me with?


[$75, Etsy]


[$125, Etsy]


[$420, Etsy]

If the thought of picking out jewelry for your girlfriend still makes you nervous, I suggest you simply ask her to supply a wish list. She’ll be thrilled that you asked.