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Is He the One for You? Smell His Armpits!

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Ever since I covertly sprayed my man’s pillow case with pheromones for an entire week, I’ve been seeing ads for pheromone-enhanced products all over the damn place.

For example, Dial just released two new attraction-enhancing body washes, supposedly infused with pheromones: Dial® for Men Magnetic™ Clean Rinsing and Dial® for Men Magnetic™ Moisture Rich, available in drug stores and supermarkets nationwide for $4.49.


To launch their new product, they hosted a smell dating event, at which robed men rubbed scent sample swatches in their armpits and passed them along to blindfolded women.

The verdict? The three men using Dial smelled the best. Pheromones? Or merely the result of a nicely scented bath product?

Either way, some men need all the help they can get.

Still, if there’s anything to this pheromone theory, I’m pretty sure it revolves around natural man-scent. When you can roll over in bed at the end of a long, sweaty day, your nose an inch away from your boyfriend’s armpit, and still love his smell…personally? That’s love.