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It’s Called Peacocking

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Peacocking: It’s when men on the prowl take both their clothing and their behavior over the top in order to get both attention and, hopefully, some action. This is a tactic that has been made extra-popular in the past few years by Mystery and his posse of PUAs, and it’s an extreme example of what we’re talking about when we mention the phrase “tool of attraction.”

The designers at Interactive Spaces get literal with the Peacock Chair, which “integrates modern technology sensors into an antique chair to create a mystical, interactive, playful throne where peacock feathers majestically open to frame the individual sitting upon it.” Talk about an attention-grabber. Am I crazy for being wildly, desperately in love with this? Make this seat the focal point of your living room and, upon sitting down, wait for the reaction. Because — good or bad — you’ll get one.

[Via Design Milk]