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It’s So Good to Be Bad

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I have a gigantic crush on Michael Cera. As in, a raging boy-next-door type crush fueled by multiple screenings of Arrested Development in its entirety. As a result, I couldn’t help but go see Youth in Revolt, because, well, a bad-boy Michael Cera is basically my crush coming to some sort of fantasy fruition. 

I won’t ruin it for you (suffice to say there are a handful of scenes that make it worthwhile if you’re over 17), but it was an entertaining reminder of what we already know: everybody loves a bad boy. And in a guilty fulfillment of my now-enhanced Cera crush, I even went to the website, to poke around and see if I couldn’t find a few screen shots.

Turns out that Youth in Revolt‘s website has an Old 97’s soundtrack, which is no small irony — my own personal bad girl soundtrack is easily Too Far to Care:

Though there definitely won’t be a movie about those exploits. Let’s just say that the album is a perfect inspiration for bad behavior, and that’s sure to get you some much-wanted attention.

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[Youth in Revolt]