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I’ve Always Hated Parking

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I parked for the first time at the age of 22. Late bloomer and all. I was underwhelmed. Instead of feeling the deep thrill of quasi-exhibitionism, I fussed over how to twist my waist in a way that still allowed me to breathe…how to arch just so over the gear shift…how to forget the fact that I was flippin’ 22 years old and making out in a car on some random dead end street.

I mean, it just didn’t feel classy.

But to each their own. You might like that sort of thing. And for you, I present something that I may have found helpful way back when — the Carma Sutra.


[$27.93, Amazon]

The book is apparently loaded with model-specific advice, and all sorts of car-friendly contortions.

Now if only I could figure how how to have comfortable sex in the shower.

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