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J Trav on Sid Mashburn, girls in lipstick, and why he likes to look like an old man

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Jason travis on nerve's street style fashion blog

What's your name and what do you do?
Jason Travis, or J Trav. I'm a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator and musician. I’m in a band called Sealions and I do a photo series called Persona.

What are you wearing?
A Ben Sherman peacoat, J.Crew cardigan with toggles(!), Brooks Brothers shirt, and thrift store shoes and pants.

How do you think Atlanta style differs from other cities?
We have a little bit of the southern gentleman vibe down here.

What are your wardrobe essentials/favorite pieces of clothing?
I have to have old man cardigans. Cardigans are pretty essential.I don’t like wearing socks in the summer. I have a winter cap that belonged to my Dad and looks just like the one Richard Dreyfuss wore in Jaws. I wear it all the time.  I also wear a lot of button-up shirts and ties. There's a beautiful selection of ties at Sid Mashburn here in Atlanta.

What are some of your favorite brands?
I shop at J. Crew a lot, and I like Sid Mashburn. I like anything simple and classic and timeless.

What’s your go-to first date outfit?
The pants have to be easy to come off.

If you're sizing up a girl, what are some outfit details that you really like?
I like a girl with her own sense of style. I like a mixture of new and old things. A little tomboy is okay, but dresses are cute for good occasions. I like heels and lipstick. As long as she knows what works best for her. I'm a sucker for dangly earrings paired with short hair, and I love scarves. I also like a girl who can wear skirts and pants equally well.

Any dealbreakers?
Butt cracks. I don’t really need to see that. Maybe later. And I don’t really like strapless  dresses, either. Girls are always pulling them up.

Do you wear different clothes for different jobs?
When I shoot weddings I love dressing up in a nice suit with a tie. Other than that I pretty much dress the same all around, even when Sealions play. They kind of rag on me. They’re like, “You need to look more like a rockstar.” But I like to look like an old man.

What are some of your favorite places to shop online?
I am really loving Need Supply co.

Do you read any fashion blogs?
The Always Gentlemen, Svpply, Unabashedly Prep, Nerd Boyfriend, and Garance Dore.

Skinny pants: over or awesome?
You know, I thought they were over. I've been wearing more loose fitted pants lately, but for some reason I broke these out today.

Best clothing items to keep on while having sex?
Reebok Pumps.

Why do you think women are attracted to you?
I'd say because I'm outgoing and confident. I treat people well that deserve my attention. I also smile a lot.

If you were to go home with a girl, what's something that, if you saw it in her apartment, would make you turn around and leave?
I'm an organized guy so I would like to see some order to the home, but mainly I'd keep my fingers crossed for no cats. I'm allergic, ladies!