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Jack of All Trades

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There’s something incredibly attractive about the guy or girl who can do it all, whether it’s the man who can cook a mean omelet, hang shelving, and hem pants, or the chica who can lift her weight in both furniture and multiple baskets of dirty laundry, all with one arm.

Now there’s a new way to show off your multitasking capabilities…or at least your good taste in multi-use gadgetry. The Akai All-In-One Home Theater System is a sleek-looking entertainment center with numerous built-in extras: an iPod docking/charging center; a CD/DVD player; an AM/FM digital radio; USB capabilities; an LCD clock display; speakers; etc.

Wowzers. If you can handle all of that with one piece of equipment, I’ll stick around to see what else you can do.

[$999.95, Audion]

[Via Gizmodo]