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Jay on Tattoos, Girls Who Read, and Ugly Feet

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What’s something that turns you on when you see it on a girl?
I’m very attracted to tattoos. If I could afford them, I’d have more. I guess I like dirt-bag kind of people.

How about something that’s a turn-off?
When girls have too much shit in their hair.

What do people tell you is the sexiest thing about you?
I need a haircut right now but normally I have a pompadour. Have you seen Cry Baby? It’s the ’50s rebel look.

What celebrity do people tell you you look like?
Some people tell me I look like Jim Carrey, but I think that’s just because I’m animated. And someone once told me I look like Jack Kerouac. That’s awesome.

What would you wear if you were determined to have a one-night stand?
What I’m wearing right now.

Are you gaming for a one night-stand tonight?
I don’t know. Maybe.

What’s something you’ve seen in a girl’s apartment that made you spend the night?
Books. The last girl I was seeing had a lot of books about American history. I think that’s rare.

What’s a current style trend that you hate?
Sandals. I hate feet. They’re gross. I don’t want to see a man’s hairy, knobby toes sticking out of his shoes.

And how about a trend you’re into?
I like the rockabilly scene. Everything about it’s sexy. It’s slick and awesome.