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Jen on Scandinavian style and when American Apparel invaded Europe

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Where are you from?
Dublin. I'm on holiday at the moment. My boyfriend and I have just been in Los Angeles and Mexico, and we came to New York yesterday. We've just been to the Met, and now we're out shopping.

Tell me about your outfit.
The glasses are vintage from American Apparel, and I just got them. My T-shirt is Urban Outfitters. My purse is Louis Vuitton — it's my little splurge. My jeans are from a little boutique in Dublin called Dolls, and my boots are Topshop.

I can see from your jeans that you've embraced the floral trend of the '90s.
Yes, a little. But I don't think I could pull off the entire Blossom look.

What other trends are you into right now?
I live in Barcelona, so it's really hot at the moment. There was a point when the whole American-Apparel-kid look took over Europe. The neon was too much, but at the moment it's cool. Lots of black, lines, and texture.

The tattoo on your arm looks like Mother Goose. Do you consider it an style accessory?
It's Jemima Puddle-Duck from Beatrix Potter. Everyone calls me Lady Goose. I definitely consider the tattoo when I'm getting dressed. It's colorful, and I tone down the colors of what I wear so I don't go overboard. But it's definitely part of my outfit and part of me always.

How would you describe the Lady Goose look?
It's quite eclectic, a little alternative. I change it a lot, depending on my mood.

What styles do you like on men?
I like the way my boyfriend's dressed — all black, simple, edgy, and quite male. I don't like baggy jeans or hoodies or that sort of thing. Scandinavian is the style I like. Keep it simple.

What's your go-to outfit if you're going out and want to look hot?
I always bring my little Prada purse. But probably something simple, like a black dress. I have a really nice Helmut Lang two-piece that I bought in New York and keep for special occasions.

Where do you invest, style-wise?
I like to invest in a bag or shoes, because good leather lasts a long time. Basic tees, vests, tights, and things like that are more disposable. I wouldn't be too swayed by designer items. Everything really depends on how it fits you, and what you put it with. You can buy something really cheap, but if you wear it well, it can look amazing.