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Jessica on Abercrombie, Prep, and Why Not to Wear Football Gear

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Jessica for Nerve's Tools of Attraction

I like the frills on your shirt.  Where’s that from?
It’s from a little store called Pitaya in Columbus. The shoes are AE and the shorts are Abercrombie.

So, preppy brands?
No, my shoes are my sister’s. My sister and friends have a big influence on the way I dress.

How would you describe your friends’ style?
My friends are free spirits. They don’t follow brands; they wear stuff they find in thrift stores, and they don’t try to look like everyone else.

What’s something about the way a person dresses that attracts you?
It’s less the actual clothes and more the way person is put-togehter. Just not sloppy. It says they’re organized and know what they’re doing. They have something going for them.

What’s one time that fashion has helped or hurt a relationship?
My ex was really preppy; he was always in shorts and tees and that bothered me. Wherever we went, he was in football stuff.

What celebrity do people say you look like?
I get Taylor Swift because of the hair.  I don’t think I look like her. 

What would you wear if you were determined to get laid?
Something low-cut and a skirt to show a lot of leg. I don’t know, that’s kind of a weird question.