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Jonee and His Modern-Day Noir Ensemble

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A little while back, I went to a fantastic production of The Threepenny Opera — recreated in modern vaudeville fashion by the ever-talented Shotgun Players. When I met Jonee at the door to the theatre, I knew I was in for an evening defined by unmatched style and all things uber-hip. He was sporting a gorgeous gray suit and a sleek wool sweater, and the whole ensemble was finished off with a spectacular noir-esque hat.

The outfit smacked of sophisticated style while perfectly hinting at edgy good times. Jonee’s secret? A winning combination of enviable thrift store finds and one extremely well-chosen accessory. Jonee picked up the suit and sweater at Mission Thrift, but the hat was the true gem: it was a gift from his girlfriend, from Haight Street’s Goorin Brothers.


And while I absolutely agree that Jonee has "gotten very lucky for having such a limited wardrobe," I’d also borrow a line from Goorin Brothers to describe his look: it’s an irresistible style that "makes a statement without saying a word."