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Julia on leggings, Phillip Lim, and why she doesn’t date male models

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Julia on nerve's street style fashion blog

What's your name and what do you do?
I'm Julia and I'm a model.

Have you modeled for anyone big?
Yeah, I used to do Fashion Week all the time. I've walked for Phillip Lim and Proenza Schouler. They were some of my favorites. 

What are you wearing right now?
I'm wearing Urban Outfitters shoes, the pants are from Blank, my shirt is TopShop and my fur I got in a vintage store in Paris. My purse is Alex Wang.

Are there any style blogs you like to read?
Yeah, but there aren't enough hours in the day! I like a lot of the street-style ones, Who What Wear is always good. Also Refinery is usually good.

What would make you run, if you went home with someone for the first time and saw it at his apartment?
Well, contrary to popular belief, female models are not big fans of dating male models. I don't do that anymore. I have a boyfriend now, so I don't know, but my friends tell me stories about guys with nothing but protein powder in the fridge. I'd run from something like that; something that makes him look really immature or self-obsessed.

What do you wear to get laid?
Just a dress. Always a black with heels. Not so much low-cut, more really short with high, high heels. 

What are some trends you can't stand for women?
Really anything that isn't flattering! Thank God it's winter, so you don't get it too often these days, but belly shirts or leggings as pants are terrible if you don't have the body for it. 

For men you can't stand?
Men who generally don't care about what they wear or how they look. T-shirts with slogans and Ed Hardy shirts are both terrible.

Your favorite designers?
I like Chloe a lot. And Phillip Lim has been amazing lately.