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Kalalea the Thrift Store Diva

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We noticed Kalalea from across the block yesterday afternoon because of her bright green pants and ran through traffic to stop her to talk. Our first thought was that the pants were a remnant from St. Paddy’s Day, a bright green walk-of-shame from the day before. But no, we just had our minds in the gutter; she told us she’d nearly forgotten about Paddy’s Day altogether until she was walking around late the night before and noticed the crowds of crazy drunks. 

Kalalea was surprised that we wanted to photograph her for a blog about style; "Oh really? This is like the bummiest outfit I have," she said. We disagreed, but this Brooklyn resident really was wearing things that other people just left lying around. That is, her entire outfit came from some of Brooklyn’s finest thrift stores.
The pants, which kept her safe from pinching leprechans, she bought at Beacon’s Closet in Park Slope. The sunglasses, finally necessary on New York’s sunniest day yet this year, were purchased at Beacon’s Closet’s other location in Williamsburg. She found the shirt at the Salvation Army on Atlantic Avenue, which puts most of its merchandise up for half-price on Wednesdays. Her earrings, obscured though they may be in the picture, were found in Pittsburgh through a very interesting company called 10,000 Villages – essentially a fair-trade retailer that arranges the sale of jewelry made in small villages from around the world.

On one of those days when all of New York seems to be in a ridiculously good mood, Kalalea was especially sweet and smiley. When we asked what her last name was, she told us she didn’t have one-  like Madonna or Cher. Put two-and-two together, lady with green pants and no last name, and we have no choice but to call you Kalalea the thrift-store diva.
Photo by Sean McGurn