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Kara and Lauren on Beards, Dirty Shoes, and Bad Layering Techniques

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lauren and kara

What is something that instantly attracts you when you see it on a guy ?
Lauren: Moustaches.
Kara: Beards.

Why are you guys so hung up on the facial hair?
Lauren: Guys are hairy by nature. When they manicure too much, it’s not manly.

What would have the opposite effect as facial hair when you see it on a guy?
Kara: Bad, dirty shoes, like old tennis shoes that are dirty and the laces are too tight.

I see you carry an extra pair with you at all times to avoid that.
Kara: I just picked these up from a friend’s house. But I am a shoe person.

What celebrity do people tell you you look like?
Kara: I get a few different ones. Cassie is one I’ve gotten for a few years. Lauren looks like Chloë Sevigny from ‘Big Love.’ She’s just as stylish in person; she has the same style.

What would you wear out if you were determined to get laid?
Kara: Heels.

With a black dress?
Kara: A black something …

What’s one thing in a guy’s apartment that would get you interested in him?
Lauren: Books. Real books, not the Tucker Max book.

Are you heavy into literature?
Lauren: Yeah, we were just discussing the first book for the book club we want to start. Finnegan’s Wake was the choice, but it’s kinda the most difficult book ever.

What’s one thing you’ve seen in a guy’s apartment that made you want to get out?
Lauren: Tapestries, like tie-dye tapestries.
Kara: Um, rats.

You sound like you’ve come across that before.
Kara: Yeah, there was this rat in a dude’s apartment…

So you just bolted?
Kara: I wasn’t awkward about it. I finished my drink and then it was like, ‘Time to go to bed.’

What’s one thing you see on other people these days that turns you off?
Lauren: Ed Hardy t-shirts; they’re just so corny.
Kara: Coach purses. Or North Face jackets over a nice dress. It’s like, "Oh, hey I have a $60 fleece jacket; let me wear it over a dress and heels." That’s not comfortable or appropriate.
What’s a fashion item you are embracing the most right now?
Lauren: An army jacket.

Where does it come from?
Lauren: That’s the embarrassing part; I got it at J. Crew.
Kara: I’ve been wearing a lot of denim shirts. Actually one denim shirt several times, at least once per week.  It’s a denim button-up.  It’s got a comfy, casual, but clean look to it.