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Katie and Her Love of Black

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What makes you go out feeling sexy?

First off, having a glass of red wine inside of me will do it. But secondly, wearing all black. If I’m wearing black pants and a black top and heels, it’s on.


If you were to dress determined to pick up a one-night stand, what would you wear?

I would wear a black matte glitter miniskirt with no stockings, ’cause hell, it’s springtime. When the girls take off their stockings, it’s a sure sign that the weather has turned and they’re looking to get laid. That, and my usually see-through tank-top or tee. Sheer. Anything sheer.


So after said one-night stand, you wake up and see something in his apartment that makes you bolt – what is it?

Easy question, ’cause this happened. I woke up in the morning, and the dude had motivational, hand-written notes on his bathroom mirror – “You Can Do It!” and “You Are So Great!”  I’m all for self-motivation, but maybe just on the inside. Definitely not on Post-its on your mirrors. 


What would make you stay?

Probably pictures of his mom, his family, his friends. Things that aren’t just decorations, but have some meaning behind them.


What’s one style right now that makes you cringe?

That really heavy acid wash denim that they sell now at Urban Outfitters. Can’t stand it.


Do people tell you that you resemble any celebrities?

I often get Juliette Lewis, but only from The Other Sister. I don’t know if I should be offended or not, but she’s superior, so I don’t think I am.


What can a guy wear that will immediately catch your eye?

I’d say combat boots and a severely awesome jacket. There’s just something about a really nice jacket on a guy that gets me every time. Combat boots because they tell me you don’t give a fuck, even though you probably spent $400 to let me know that. I just love the way they shove their feet in them, no laces.