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Kelly on Michael Kors shoes, Helmut Lang skirts, and Johnny Depp’s glasses

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Kelly from Atlanta on Nerve's Style Blog

So, what's your deal?
My name's Kelly. I'm from Atlanta and I just moved to Brooklyn ten months ago to go to grad school. I'm in the creative writing program at New School.

How does the style scene in Atlanta compare to New York?
Oh, its way different there. People dye their hair there a lot more. Bangs are still really in, and everyone wears a lot of makeup. There's a lot more hip-hop influence on fashion across the board. Lots of bright colors there too. Obviously, I like it here in New York much better.

What kind of stuff do you like to see girls wearing?
Well, it depends on the body type, but I like looser pants — on men an women, actually. Sometimes the high-waisted thing looks good. I like pants to be rolled up. I also like big fat wedges. And, um, showing your bra. See-through stuff is cool.

How about for guys?
Button-down shirts are great. Really clean-looking boat shoes or sneakers. Dress pants are always nice, or maybe some looser jeans. I'm not so into the tight thing anymore. What I don't like are too many patterns. I also don't like clashing colors or just too much embellishment. I don't like crazy belts and stuff.

What's one outfit a guy could wear to turn you off?
I think if I met a guy and he was dressed in that LA New Rave thing that happened a while back  —  like bright sneakers with a bright cap and a graphic T-shirt  — then I wouldn't be down. I'd maybe talk to him if he put a button-down on over it, but otherwise, no.

Where'd you get the stuff you're wearing now?
The shoes are vintage and everything else is American Apparel. I work there. I'm on my lunch-break. I don't usually wear this much American Apparel, I promise.

If you were going to get fancy, what would you wear?
I have a Helmut Lang, high-waisted, black pencil skirt that I like a lot. And then usually I'll put something looser on top —  something off-the-shoulder, like a big baggy top I can tuck in. As far as shoes go, I like Michael Kors' shoes sometimes, just big fat wedges, interesting shoes.

Who is the sexiest man in the world?
Oh god, I don't know. Johnny Depp, I guess. He has nice glasses.