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Knowing Where to Go

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Not knowing directions can be a little emasculating. I’m usually awful with these things, one time leading a whole group of folks, which included my current girlfriend, in the wrong direction for 10 minutes. And yes, I was using Google Maps too.

But when I do somehow succeed with the tools at my disposal, it is impressive. This weekend I managed to navigate flawlessly and efficiently with the help of a few iPhone apps.

Google Maps is always key. It’s the linchpin of navigation. But try not to look like a total potzer, walking around while following the blue dot on your phone. Check it out in list mood and try to remember the directions.


[$1 – $3, iTunes App Store]

When you have to use the subway, use iTrans. Subway to subway directions, train schedules, AND it works underground. We were able to make the most of our time at the bar before heading to the F train, catching it with just enough time to spare. iTrans is really accurate and has up-to-the-minute service updates. This is especially useful at the end of the night when you and your date are aching to get back to your place.

Available for NYC subways, DC, BART, CTA, Metra, LA Metro, and more.


[Free, iTunes App Store]

And when you’re in need of a cafe, bar, etc. in the area, Around Me is a guide to all things directly around you.

Try using these apps while your date isn’t looking and you’ll be sure to impress with your navigational prowess.

[photo via / CC BY 2.0]