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Krista on Skinny Jeans, Wearing Sunglasses Indoors, and Laid Back Fashion

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What is something that instantly turns you on in a guy?
Attitude is important; it’s not so much about what they wear for me. I mean, I have things that I don’t like on guys, but I do like an overall air of confidence. If he seems comfortable with himself and his situation, that’s great.

Whats your style dealbreaker?
I went out with this one guy once, but I can’t remember his name – I think I blocked it out. Anyway, we met at a friend’s party, made out, and then ended up going out the following week. We ended up going back to my house that day, and he kept his sunglasses on all night. Like, even though we were inside, and even though it was dark. It was a little disconcerting. I’d say that’s a dealbreaker. It was like he didn’t want me to look him in the eyes.

What would you wear if you were determined to have a one night stand?
Nothing! I mean, not nothing, not naked [laughs]. Nothing in particular though. Wanting to get laid is all about the attitude so I don’t think it really matters that much.

Have you ever seen something in a guys apartment that made you want to spend the night, or leave?
Really bad DVD collections are a big turnoff. Like when you get back to someone’s house and you see all their stuff and realize you have nothing in common. Although, I once brought a guy back to my house to watch a movie – I have hundreds of movies – and out of everything he picked Mean Girls!

And you wanted him to pick Die Hard or something?
No no, cause I don’t like that, but I definitely judged him for that one.

Whats the one thing that you see on people these days that you hate?
I don’t know, I’m pretty laid back in general but especially when it comes to fashion, so its always kind of weird to me when I see people who dress super flashy, or super promiscuous. Peacocking, they call it. I don’t like that.

What fashion trend are you embracing right now?
A lot of them, actually! I love boots with skinny jeans, but that’s pretty much what every girl in the city is wearing now, with long shirts and long necklaces like this one.