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Kristen on Herve Leger, Sophia Loren, and designing her own semi-custom clothing line

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Kristen for Nerve's style blog

What were you thinking when you got dressed this morning?

I actually just started my own clothing line. So, I was thinking, ‘I just got this from the factory; I’m going to wear it.’ Most of what I do is custom, but I’m also doing a pop-up store in Bridgehampton.

How would you describe your line?
It’s semi-custom; I take measurements. I like to call it a salad bar, which is kind of weird. I’ve done silhouettes; you can pick fabrics. It’s all made for your body. You can add a sleeve, or a longer hemline, whatever you want. It’s going really well.

Who would you say is your target demographic?
Anyone from eighteen to sixty. I can make it appropriate for your age. You can pick from the different fabrics; make it a little sexier if you’re young. I just had a fifty-six-year-old woman have me add sleeves and a longer hemline and a different fabric, and she loves her dress.

What do you think people’s clothing choice says about them?
I think it’s either an expression of who they are or the mood they’re in. I wear black when I’m in a bad mood sometimes and I paint my fingernails dark. If I’m in a good mood, I wear hot pink fingernail polish.

What do you wear if you’re in a sexy mood?
My boyfriend likes Herve Leger, so usually that. You know the bandage dresses, they’re getting knocked off really big right now? Well, he likes that. So I, for some reason, have acquired a lot of them.

Do you have a style icon?
I’ve been researching a lot of old Hollywood lately because a lot of what I do is dresses — cocktail, evening stuff. There’s this amazing picture of Sophia Loren in this big red hat. It’s just this hat and her shoulders. And that one picture has stuck in my mind.

And what are some current trends that you like?
I’m very much of a dress girl. There are certain silhouettes I stick with. I’m into pleating a lot lately. I’ve been putting a lot of pleating on sleeves and on different parts of what I’m designing.

And what are some things that you see people wearing that you just hate?
You know those pants with the really hangy, low crotch? I can’t stand it. They remind me of a dirty diaper, which is kind of gross.

And what are some men’s fashions that you like?
I like clean, crisp sort of looks in menswear. I can’t stand when guys intentionally try to look messy. Sometimes if that’s just their look it works, but clean-cut guys that look messy never look good that way.

As far as dating goes, do you mostly date creative like yourself?
No, I date someone completely opposite from me. He’s in finance. I used to date a lot of creative people and this one seemed to stick a little longer than the other ones. We met at a birthday party. My best girlfriend dates one of his best friends and they sat us next to each other. And the next time we met, we were all bowling and I made fun of him the whole time, so I’m not quite sure why he asked me out.